Allison Chanic – Painlessly In Love

Emergent UAE based imprint Bedouin Records have skillfully woven a somewhat abstract narrative so that a slow-burning anticipation would steadily be summoned after announcing their debut release by Allison Chanic. 

Not to put too much spin on the release ‘Painlessly In Love’ explores polrhythmic ambient electronica, interspersed with eerie desparate vocals that is at once ominously intimate and chillingly sequestered; you could perhaps loosely group this alongside the current trend for reimagining 90s alternative maching music, but it would be doing the unique voice this record channels something of a disservice.
The inclusion of the remixby Dublin duo Lakker (who teased fans by including a taster of ‘Painlessly..’ within their own DJ mix for R&S records earlier this year) is also a master stroke, as it effortlessly directs the listeners attention to a host of depth and detail all enigmatically veiled within the original.
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