Mademo / Man in Dub
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Mademo / Man in Dub — Chromaticity 01
Release date : Jan. 10, 2014
Label : Flexibilia (FLXB 005)


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Our latest episode scheduled for release just at the beginning of the new year, also marks the beginning of a concept that promises to present color to the city. Two wonderfully crafted tunes, complete each other in an ambitious canvas of soundscapes and melodies, namely Chromaticity 01. Minimal yet very emotionally explosive do the two men appear in their first discographic attempt. Mademo with his track “Stranger Beware” manages to create a mysterious plot where indeed someone gets the feeling that danger lurks around the corner. The track continuously peaks to finally unfold into a soothing theme, that only comes as comfort to the listener and subsequently fades out leaving one calm and safe. Man in Dub moves along side his colleague and presents his own version of sonic sculpture. “Thinking About You” features a deep interplay between changing bass lines and floating chord progressions, all accompanied very well with fine elements here and there and a beautiful female voice on top of all. Well done!

Mademo and Man in Dub are graduates from the Electronic Music Production course at SAE Athens Greece. Check out the details here.