Chromaticity 07
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Andertone / Jäcko — Chromaticity 07
Release date : Jul. 13, 2015
Label : Flexibilia (FLXB 020)


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Andertone’s Prototype is a game of two halves, kicking off in a driving, progressive direction that subtly interweaves a Balearic inspired melody motif, powered by mischievous handclaps, before veering off into unchartered waters with a dubbed out breakdown that sees the track re-emerge in the calming environs of dream trance.

Meanwhile bringing up the rear Jäcko’s aptly named ‘Unleashed’ is an unhinged monster, clattering at pace through a gloriously exhilarating celebration of Stay Up Forever style hard techno, with more than a dash of happy hardcore chucked into the mix for good measure!

Andertone and Jäcko are graduates from the Electronic Music Production course at SAE Athens Greece. Check out the details here.