Fatima – Yellow Memories‏

For some listeners  Fatima will be a new name, albeit one who will logically, rapidly establish her place in the neo-soul pantheon with this fully conceived debut, but for others of us her work at the vanguard of the UK’s early 21st Century etchings on music history has already seen her metaphorically anointed, an unquestionable shining light in the dimly lit world of basement clubland and record store, whose unique vocal abilities, joie de vivre as a persona and performer and immaculately chosen collaborators have long stopped needing citation when describing her sheer brilliance.

And Yellow Memories is everything the faithful patiently awaited, everything that soul music, indeed all music, wants as much as needs at this point in time, a time that is somewhat frustratingly seeing less organic nurturing of individual artistry, and less celebration of classicism, and which makes this record and the artist behind it all the more stellar.
It is apposite at this point to shout out her most loyal supporters of all, the label releasing this modern classic, and the two people behind it; Eglo is in rude health in 2014 and sets the contemporary blueprint for how to run a boldly different record label, without too much hyperbole, just an unending supply of passion and integrity.
As an introduction to Fatima, Yellow Memories is arresting, enduring, experimental, introspective and lovely, but it is also something else; a perfectly realised statement.
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